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Welcome to the Durante Project

This site and its affiliates in the Cantata Web make available the research, editions and transcriptions of a number of musicologists and performers around the world. We invite submissions for inclusion from anyone interested in the field and encourage discussion of issues concerning the genres.

We specialise in publishing works which are difficult to find or have not been reproduced in modern editions. All of our editions are based upon the original manuscripts or period printings and editorial changes are clearly marked so that performers are able to make informed choices in preparing the works.

Our editors' work on Durante has resulted in 8 unique modern performing editions which you can access here.

Each edition listing has a preview of the music in PDF form. Check the download tab in the description.

As well as being able to access editions of his music, you can read about Durante's life here or view lists of his works in two parts, Religious and Secular.

We invite you to enter the world of this great vocal music.

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Cantata spirituale à voce sola di contralto
Cantata spirituale à voce sola di contralto
Cantata spirituale à voce sola di contralto