A Scarlatti: Del lagrimoso lido (Euridice dall'inferno)

Cantata à voce sola di soprano
Forces: soprano & continuo

The Orfeo story as told by Euridice, who implores Orfeo to recover her from hell (Aria 1), then addresses the Furies in the dramatic 2nd Aria with contrasting B section. The text of Aria 3 expresses cautious optimism, but the music undermines this with a fragmented coloratura in f# minor. Powerful recitatives and contrasted arias (b minor, F major, f# minor) make this a strong character portrayal. The edition gives Scarlatti's two settings of Aria 1 - the first a chromatic ground bass, the 'other way' a more modern cantabile aria, both capturing the pathos of Euridice.

Range - e'-a''

Form: R-A-R-A-R-A

Editor: Rosalind Halton

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